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Pure Magnesium Chloride *** Premium ice Melter *** The Best Rock Salt Alternative!

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100% Residue Free

Magnesium chloride melts into a clear brine within minutes, leaving no salt stains. It ensure entrances and lobby's look presentable, maintains a clear outdoor path, protects expensive furniture and decor, and prevents staining shoes and clothing.

Pet & Environment Safe

High performance for Canadian winters.

PureMG has class leading efficiency, activating at a 20-45% lower concentration — up to 50% less material needed.

PureMG works optimally at -19c and keeps working down to -33c — strong enough for even the toughest Canadian winter.

Safer than most household goods.

The most corrosion resistant ice-melter.

PureMG is the clear leader in corrosion safe ice-melters, with less than 1% the concrete spalling and 59% less metal corrosion.