How does PureMG work?

PureMG's magnesium chloride turns ice into a brine (salt and water), this brine works to raise the temperature of the surrounding ice and repeats the cycle, turning even more ice into brine. 

PureMG's unique pellet shape burrows into ice, more quickly accelerating the breakdown of the ice structure.

After melting the ice, PureMG coats the remaining surface with a brine solutions which will continue to protect the surface from further ice build-up.

How is PureMG made?

PureMG is a 100% natural by-product from Dead Sea salts.

Is PureMG Magnesium Chloride salt?

Technically, all chlorides are salts from a chemical standpoint, but magnesium chloride doesn't share many of the undesirable qualities most salts have; magnesium chloride does not stain surfaces, it is not toxic or harmful to ingest, it is safe for the environment, safe for pets, and it is safe to handle.

What is in PureMG?

PureMG is comprised of 100% magnesium chloride from the Dead Sea. Most premium ice-melters are blended with sodium chloride rock salt and colourants to make them cheaper — your paying a premium price but you are getting 80-90% regular old salt.

What is the lowest temperature you can use PureMG?

PureMG works most efficiently down to -19c but it keeps work all the way down to -33c.

Is PureMG safe for pets?

Yes! PureMG is completely safe for pets. Magnesium chloride has extremely low toxicity and will not cause harm if ingested — its toxicity is lower than baking soda and slightly higher toxicity than Vitamin D. 

And unlike most ice-melters, PureMG does not cause burn to Paws like normal ice salt, calcium chloride, or potassium chloride — no more paw-burn for Spot!

Does PureMG cause corrosion of metals?

All ice-melters can cause some corrosion to metals but PureMG causes significantly less than others. Studies by SHRP, Swedish VTI, and Virginia Department of Transportation show magnesium chloride to cause 59% less corrosion over a 10 day period.

Does PureMg cause corrosion of concrete?

All ice-melters can cause some corrosion or "spalling" to concrete especially in concrete pour within the last year as the concrete is more sensitive until it fully sets. However, studies by the University of Utah show magnesium chloride to cause 1/40th the spalling after 5 freeze thaw cycles and 1/220th the spalling after 15 cycles when compared to standard rock salt.  

Is PureMG safe to handle?

Yes! PureMG is safe to handle. It does not cause irritation on the skin and is very low in toxicity. Handling is worry free.

What sizes does PureMG in?

PureMG is sold in 50 lbs bags, 20 lbs bags, and 10 lbs containers. Bulk orders can also be arranged. 

Is PureMG residue free?

PureMG dries completely clear of any visible residue.